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Ellingson Acquires Directed Technologies Drilling

Adds industry-leading environmental remediation capabilities to growing portfolio of trenchless construction services

West Concord, Minn. Ellingson, a nationwide specialty trenchless construction contractor focused on providing end-to-end solutions in water and underground infrastructure management, announces the acquisition of Directed Technologies Drilling (DTD), a pioneer in the use of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) methods to mitigate soil and groundwater contamination and develop clean water supplies.

Water is our most valuable natural resource, with 44 percent of the total US population relying on groundwater supplies for their drinking water. Population and industrial growth have created increased challenges to maintain, manage and provide adequate clean water sources and made the need for specialized remediation services vital.

DTD’s dedicated team of field personnel and technical professionals, including engineers and geologists, uses HDD methods to design and install solutions ranging from remediation wells at the corner gas station to large industrial facilities. Horizontal wells enable all current remediation methods to be used with greater efficiency than traditional vertical wells while offering minimal disruption to the surface infrastructure; allowing site operations to continue during the cleanup process. This creates both environmentally and economically sustainable solutions for customers. In addition, HDD wells can be utilized as ground water production wells; developing shallow or thin aquifers for irrigation, potable and industrial uses.

In its 50-year history, Ellingson has built its business around the better utilization and management of water and underground infrastructure. “Our growth goals are aggressive, and our focus is on being the industry leader in innovative trenchless construction solutions that provide added value to our customers. We continue to look for ways to provide more sustainable, safe and technology-driven services that lower risk and maximize return on investment,” said Jeremy Ellingson, Ellingson chief operating officer.“The addition of DTD aligns with our vision, expands our overall offering and provides complementary capabilities to our existing water management, infrastructure management and engineering divisions.”

According to Jim Doesburg, chairman of DTD, the synergies extend beyond construction-related criteria. “We have been looking for the right strategic partner to fuel the next chapter of growth and opportunity for our company and employees. Ellingson is the perfect fit.” Dan Ombolski, president of DTD also added, “Both of our companies are passionate about HDD technology, driven by commitment to our customers and laser-focused on providing safe, innovative solutions to water supply and environmental remediation. And, the family-owned, team-driven culture at Ellingson aligns with the way we’ve done things in our operation as well.”

Effective immediately, DTD will become a division of Ellingson and do business as Ellingson-DTD.

About Ellingson:
Founded in 1970, Ellingson is an independent water- and infrastructure-management company providing safe, technology-driven construction planning, design and installation services. The company is driven by the same customer-focused values and work ethic it was founded upon and has earned a reputation for quality, safe trenchless solutions in the agriculture, wet and dry utilities and oil and gas industries.

About Directed Technologies Drilling:
Since 1996, DTD has focused on the environmental applications of horizontal directional drilling. The company has perfected the specialized techniques needed to install and develop wells for subsurface remediation and water resources development. DTD leads the industry in installed footage of completed, operational wells and is committed to continual innovation and improvement of design and installation techniques for horizontal remediation systems.


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